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Gold Tap Honey


Gold Tap Honey understands that with the information provided in various forms of media, more people are questioning the quality of honey.  Not to mention store honey and most local honey have nothing more to offer than boring little bear shaped jars that just don’t appeal to a health conscience modern consumer. 

Gold Tap Honey is different than most others for one reason or another:
-Raw and Unfiltered
-100% traceable to the source it was harvested from
-Small batch and numbered. We don’t mix our honey up
-Local to the Mississippi Gulf Coast! We bring the taste of the coast into every bottle we sell
-We eat organic so our beekeeping practices are organic
-No chemicals go into our hives
-We do not feed our production hives sugar

The honey our family eats is the same pure honey we share with you. Try some of our Mississippi honey for yourself and find out why we’re different.