Waffles and Mules??

What is "Waffles and Mules" you say?! It's our little place to find and review the best Chicken N' Waffles, Moscow Mule or anything that just makes you wanna say, "holy crap, you gotta try this".

At GoldTap, we like food and cocktails. More than food and cocktails, we love exploring and sharing culinary experiences with our family and friends. These are the little things that make us happy. Also, we're in love with the Gulf Coast and the creativity and talent that is right here in our own backyard.

Travel? You betcha. And we'll let you know what we find along the way. Got a spot or recommendation? josh@goldtaphoney.com is ready to check out your favorite spot and sample the goodness that makes your heart smile. Thanks for taking the journey with us!