Husband, Father, Beekeeper…meet Joshua Reeves

We at GoldTap are committed to bringing you the best the Mississippi Gulf Coast has to offer. That being said, our inaugural post and interview is with our founder, Joshua Reeves. Many of you already know Josh; a Mississippi native, US Air Force Veteran and not your average skater / surfer bee whisperer. His outgoing character is and enthusiasm are infectious with the humility you’d expect from a Southern Gentleman. Josh doesn’t talk about himself a bunch, so we took a crack at getting to know a little more about this guy.

So Josh, what the heck is GoldTap?

I guess you could say GoldTap is a community. It connects family and friends to food, travel, drinks and to other cool people. 

How did this all happen, man?

It all started with my passion for bee keeping that grew into producing honey and hive hosting. GoldTap was my hobby and is growing into a lifestyle embracing the Mississippi Gulf Coast, I guess. 

Alright, explain how your hobby in beekeeping (laughs) came to Mississippi.

This adventure started in my back yard with my wife and two kids. I just separated from the Air Force and focused on spending as much time as I could with Ginny [Josh's wife], and my kids, Amy and Austin. We grew a family garden and I decided to put in a single bee hive to help pollinate our plants. I got a few more hives and started giving away honey to my neighbors and family. We were living in Ohio and the season was pretty short and the winters weren’t something we were enjoying, AT ALL. So, I quit my job and with the support of my family, we came home to Mississippi and started GoldTap.

Hive Hosting, tell me more about that cause it sounds cool.

(Laughs) Well, people were always asking me about the bees, hives and making honey. Folks were super inquisitive, but also hesitant to take on the task of becoming a bee keeper. It is a lot of work and isn’t something you go to the hobby store and find a starter kit. So, I began a mentoring program, of sorts, to put a hive on a customer's property and show them the ropes for a season. It was a way I could share my passion with them to do something as a family. 

What is GoldTap doing that’s so different?

Well, GoldTap isn’t your grandma’s honey. In addition to my hives or the hosted hives, I relocate nuance hives for people. Sometimes we're lucky enough to harvest wild honey from these relocations. We also infuse honey that is awesome by itself... or for cooking and making cocktails. 

Ever get stung?

All the time, man. And yes, it does hurt! (laughs)