Ginny Reeves - Wife, Mother and Soul Healer.

GoldTap brings you the best of the Mississippi Gulf Coast... and also imports some amazing things, too. Like Ginny Reeves. If you've met Josh, you've probably met Ginny (because they go together like peas and carrots). Ginny hails from Long Island, NY and moved south of the Mason Dixon line the day after she graduated high school. Luckily, she met Cadet Reeves in college and now lives happily ever after in Mississippi. In addition to being a certified massage therapist and owner of Recipero Massage and Wellness, Ginny has a knack for connecting with people while searching for amazing food or libations with some sass! She's one of those people that just makes you feel amazing after being around her for a few minutes. Along with searching for cocktails (do you see a trend here), Ginny has been bitten by the travel bug and is taking every opportunity to explore The Coast and beyond. We had a chance to sit down for a few, and man do I feel better already.

Hey Ginny, what'cha drinking?

It's tea, I promise. But we're going out after this right? There's a bar close by that has amazing Moscow Mules made with Mississippi vodka and organic ginger beer. 

I’m in! Josh told me about GoldTap's start. How'd you get involved?

Well, Josh and I would go out on date nights, exploring new places on the coast. We'd always chat with a bartender or waiter and end up in the kitchen with the chef or the owner. It's crazy, but it just happens all the time. We'd talk about hive hosting and ways to get involved in our community. I thought, 'these are some pretty incredible people and Josh and I are having an unreal experience talking to them.' So, I decided to search for more of these opportunities and write about them or capture the vibe for our Instagram. 

You're the social butterfly hanging around the beehive, huh? (both laugh)

I guess so! There's so much happening on The Coast, new places are popping up every week. We've got some really talented folks that are running small businesses rooted in their passion. I see GoldTap Honey through that same lens, so there's a genuine connection. 

Where's the coolest place you've been so far?

Paris. Definitely Paris. My brother travels quite a bit for work. One day he calls and says, 'I have a bunch of airline points, can you go to Paris next week?' Luckily, I have the greatest clients that understood that I'd have to move a few appointments around on short notice! It was a 3 day whirlwind trip, but we got to see and do so much in that timeframe. The Hemingway Bar in the Ritz Paris was unbelievable. 

Where to next?

I'm traveling local right now, if that makes sense! The cool thing about that Paris trip was it made me realize how much we have going on right here. But, if I get another phone call to go to Europe, I'm packing my bags!